Issue V, 2009

  • Think Deployment Stinks?
    Be Careful What You Tell Yourself.
    We've all heard the saying 'attitude is everything'. But sometimes it can be hard to look at a major life change like deployment as anything but negative. Watch Out! It turns out that telling yourself that deployment will be a horrible experience could actually make it worse... [ ... more ]

  • Parenting from Overseas Part I:
    Staying Involved In Your Child's Education.
    If deployment means you're leaving kids at home, it may be difficult to imagine staying involved in their lives while you are concentrating on your mission overseas. But experts say continuing to be a part of your child's life on a daily basis is an important part of helping them adjust to the separation. [… more ]

  • When She Goes To War:
    How Female Soldiers Experience Deployment .
    More women are deploying than ever before. According to the Department of Defense, almost 11% of the soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan today are female, up from just 7% during the Persian Gulf War. Like their male counterparts, military women often look forward to their overseas duty. […more ]

Know a Deployed Soldier?
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A Holiday Hallmark Hasn’t Commercialized»

As most of you know today is Veterans Day. As I began thinking about the day and all the veterans who have served our country and those who have lost their lives, I realized it one of the only holidays that the greeting card manufacturers and retailers haven’t commercialized. I have seen some Veterans Day […]

Nation Must Recognize Sacrifices of Troops, Families»

By Fred W. Baker III, American Forces Press Service Americans must recognize the sacrifices and struggles of today’s troops and their families and work harder to reintegrate them into their communities, the nation’s top military officer said yesterday. The past nine years of war and multiple combat deployments have stressed the force, leaving in their […]

Tick Tock»

One of the hardest parts of deployment (okay… there are a lot of hard parts), is waiting for my husband to deploy. You get the dates and as they get closer that is all you can think about. This is the last time we’ll go to dinner, this is the last time we will be […]

Two weeks after the last shot»

By Cpl. Bryan Lett, Marine Blog Two weeks ago I busted my chin up in a firefight in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province, today I’m writing this blog from a cubicle in Washington. Transitioning from a combat zone back to normalcy can be hard and unpredictable. I’m not writing about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, I’m writing about the […]

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