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The Seven Dwarfs of Deployment

By • Apr 8th, 2010 • Category: Communication, Parenting, Passing the Time, Post-Deployment, Relationships

Here’s a funny post from Army wife Sarah, looking back on some memorable moments in the deployments she has survived. You can read her blog here. I know most of you have seen Snow White, so you are familiar with Sneezy, Happy, Dopey, Doc, Bashful, Sleepy and Grumpy, the seven dwarfs. Little did you know […]

Recognizing Service Members in Public

By • Mar 22nd, 2010 • Category: Passing the Time, Pre-Deployment, R & R

Recently, while on a short vacation from my job as a Marine infantry company commander, I took a plane from Atlanta to Las Vegas. As always, I saw numerous soldiers and airmen in the terminals, traveling in their camouflage uniforms and no doubt on their way to a new duty station or a military school […]

One Spouse’s View of Deployment

By • Jan 15th, 2010 • Category: Civilian Support, Communication, Passing the Time, Post-Deployment, Relationships

This is a post by Jennifer Chaloux, an Army wife whose husband was deployed in January 2008. You can read the original article here. I wrote the following so people might have a glimpse into what we go through emotionally, and have a better understanding of a day in a life of an Army wife. […]

Prepare for the Seasons of Deployment

By • Jan 11th, 2010 • Category: Civilian Support, Passing the Time, Pre-Deployment, Relationships

This is part of a post ont he cycles of going through a deployment, from military wife Shannon. She blogs here. If you have been through a deployment, you know one is not the same as the next. It’s almost like being pregnant and giving birth. While the overall situation is the same, 9 months […]

You’re home – WHEN can I see you?

By • Dec 9th, 2009 • Category: Civilian Support, Passing the Time, Post-Deployment, Relationships

Here’s a nice post from an Army girlfriend frustrated because her boyfriend is home from deployment but they live in different places and she can’t see him yet. You can read her blog here. Yes Virginia…there is such a thing as PDB. My Army Acronym for Post Deployment Blues. I think mine are unique in […]

6 Things I’m Thankful for during Deployments

By • Nov 25th, 2009 • Category: Featured, Passing the Time

While we spend another Thanksgiving apart, I still have many things to be thankful for! Email and webcams: I know that email can seem impersonal sometimes, but I’m still thankful that I can look forward to my husband’s emails everyday and know he is safe. At least we don’t have to communicate by letter. Webcams […]

Making it 26.2 Miles Alone

By • Nov 16th, 2009 • Category: Featured, Passing the Time

It definitely helps me to have a hobby or interest (or two) that can keep me busy while my husband is gone. Running is something that really helps me get through the hard times. It has a spiritual aspect for me that I really cannot explain. This year I decided to run the Marine Corps […]

Reach Out to Family/Friends for the Support You Need

By • Oct 27th, 2009 • Category: Civilian Support, Communication, Featured, Passing the Time, Relationships

Just because your spouse/partner is deployed, doesn’t mean you are totally alone. (Although, sometimes it can feel like it!) You do have a support system made up of extended family and friends; most of us just don’t take the time to access it when we don’t need it! My mom was an Army wife. Even […]

Preparing for Another Deployment

By • Oct 26th, 2009 • Category: Parenting, Passing the Time, Pre-Deployment, Relationships

Ideas from a Veteran Army wife about preparing for a deployment (This is her 5th!) You can read more from her blog here. You would think after 4 year long deployments, I would be an old pro at this, but every deployment is different, and so it’s time to start thinking about this next one. […]

The First Milestone: Week One

By • Oct 18th, 2009 • Category: Passing the Time

When my husband deploys I set little milestones for myself. First, it is getting through day one. It is always a day of mixed emotions and that forever lump in my throat that will not go away until I break down and cry. I do my best not to cry when he leaves because I […]

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